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Wed, 09/30/2009 - 17:35 — Carrie

We used to have a coffee table in our living room. It was a pretty nice one. We rarely had coffee on it. We also never had coffee table books on it. Growing up, I think I was unaware of the fact that it was a coffee table. For me, it was much, much more.
It was a fort, when I was really small. Or a fancy tea table, decorated profusely with wildflowers. It was a stage for our stuffed animals, complete with makeshift curtain. It was also, when Mom and Dad were not around, a stage for me and my siblings. The cabinet's on the side were wonderful places to hide odds and ends that we didn't want someone to find, and at Christmas time, beautiful candles, and the pieces of a beloved nativity set came out of it.
As we got older, it became a wonderful place to do our schoolwork. Many a math problem was worked out on it's worn surface. We would eat out snacks there, while watching tv. We'd keep our bibles there, ready for that evenings study. Small hands would be folded on top of it, as we knelt to pray.
When we moved to our new house, it lived in our living room for a while. We used to keep books on, or scrapbooks. Mostly, junk piled up on it. Then it moved to our schoolroom and once again, school books lived upon it's surface.
Time went by. It got moved farther and farther into the corner of the room, until it was realized that it's only use was to hold whatever junk we decided to cast on it. Finally, it was moved to the attic, covered carefully with plastic, until the time when we'd want to use it again.
To most people, it's just a coffee table. But to me, it is so very much more.
It's all in your perspective.

I hereby

put my stamp of approval on this blog.

we have a coffee table looks similar

but just a bit different.

You ought to go unearth it!

You ought to go unearth it! Smile


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