Am I an extravert?

Sat, 11/14/2009 - 20:31 — Carrie

I have long considered myself to be introverted. I like my alone time, and am often shy in social situations.
Upon further examination of myself, and the opinion of friends, I have decided that, while I may still technically be an introvert, I am really extremely close to extraversion. I do not get tired out when spending lots of time around groups of people. In fact, I like to be around people. When I know people, I am pretty much anything but shy Tongue
I also tend to be quite impulsive. This is apparently an extraverted quality.
As far as the other 3 categories in the MBTI test, however.... I very strongly fall into the same categories I have always been in. NFP. So I suppose this makes me an IENFP. Tongue

Not that you really cared to know all that. But hey, what are blogs for, anyway? Tongue


I'm glad you're finally admitting it! Btw, it's spelled extrovert.

I really don't need to put my name under this one either, do I? Tongue

To be serious though, for the longest time I thought I was an introvert too. Those who know me laugh at that. Just like I laughed at you. Ok, whatever!

I looked it up...

Extravert is a perfectly acceptable way to spell it, according to Merriam-Webster Tongue

And no, no name is necessary *roll*

Welcome to the Club...

... of those who must recharge but can still survive around others.


Does this club have a name?


Extraverted Introverts Anonymous. Wanna join? Laughing out loud

:tries to sound it out: :hurts jaw:

I'm already there, Carr.


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