A week with friends

Sun, 11/29/2009 - 16:37 — Carrie

Susan and Dakota both arrived in the state of Massachusetts with no major mishaps. The only minor mishap was not them, it was me, since I parked at A terminal, and then found out that Susan was at C terminal, so I ran almost the whole way (past signs warning people to take ground transportation, not walk from A to C since it was too far). Then I discovered that I had misheard her... she was not at C, she was at B, so I backtracked quickly to terminal B and found her.... excitement levels ran high. Then we went to Starbucks to get a smoothie and quiznos for some real food. Then we sat in the car and slept until it was time to pick up Dakota. Excitement levels ran even higher at that point and we exclaimed loudly from the sheer excitement of the event several times on the ride home.
Dakota got car sick.... this happened every time from there on out that we were in a car, train or subway. Dramamine was supplied in abundance.
There was a bit of worry upon arriving home when it was discovered that Susan was having some problems with her asthma, but she took some medication, and it soon subsided. We planned on getting to bed early that night, to get a head start on the week, but... well.... yeah. You know how that goes Tongue
Sunday morning dawned bright and early. We made our way to church where, after the regular service, Dakota and Susan got to sit through my Sunday School lesson. Laughing out loud
My church puts on a thanksgiving outreach dinner for the community every year, and it was that day, so both girls helped me out with serving drinks, since that was my job this year. Everyone was nice to them.... and we got to go home early. Laughing out loud

That night, we re-checked the weather and decided to go to New York City on Monday. I had suggested NYC on Saturday night and the idea was met with resounding approval, so maps were brought out, train schedules were checked, attractions were planned, and the alarm clock was set for 3:30 the next morning Tongue

Amid many protestations, we managed to roll ourselves out of bed at that unearthly hour of the morning. Dakota threatened to kill me several times due to my morning cheerfulness. We made it out of the house by 4:30.... 1/2 hour later than we had originally planned. I had, however, already figured we'd leave late, so I set out original ETD for 1/2 hour earlier than necessary, thus perfectly timing our trip to get us to the train station roughly 15 minutes before the train arrived. *proud*

The train took forever. Over 3 hours from the time we got on in Connecticut, to the time we disembarked in Grand Central Station, New York. Subway cards were purchased and we happily made our way downtown to Battery Park to view the Statue of Liberty. Susan called her parents from there. Laughing out loud
We then decided to walk a few blocks uptown to Ground Zero, passing Trinity Church (and the very cool graveyard situated on the adjacent property) on the way. We were not able to see much of Ground Zero, however, due to construction underway for the eventual memorial, and high walls surrounding the sight.

From there, we decided to head to Central Park for lunch. It was cold. And windy. We ate fast Tongue We also saw a guy playing his guitar on the bench. Right next to a sign that said "this area designated a quiet zone. No instruments" >_<

Saks 5th Avenue was next. Way cool. 10 stories of ridiculously overpriced clothing, accessories, toys, and chocolate. The sales people took one look at us, in our jeans, t-shirts and jackets, and turned away. Tongue
We felt rather out of place.... and it was awkward when the lady on the elevator shushed us for whispering, so we left Tongue
Next up was the Empire State Building. All the way up to the 86th floor Laughing out loud
It was so very, very cool. Also very very windy, and very, very, very cold. We took some quick video, a few pictures, and then went back inside where we could still see the view of the city from relative warmth. Susan and I both called our brothers. Fun times. Laughing out loud

Dinner was next. What's a trip to New York City without some New York style pizza? It was tasty Laughing out loud
Yankee Stadium had been tossed about as an idea of where to go... but we were all exhausted, so we went home.
I can not sleep on trains. Susan and Dakota can. Lucky them Tongue
But that's ok. None of my brothers were available, so I called Mark and annoyed him. Then I almost got us stranded in Stamford Connecticut, cause I had misunderstood the conductor when he told us what stop to get off at to switch trains. Thankfully, Dakota had been paying more attention, and she was able to push the train doors open in time to get back on board and we made it safely to Bridgeport, the actual location of our second train Laughing out loud

I did not fall asleep on the car ride home. That is good, since I was driving. When we got home, I was grumpy, cause I was tired. I went to bed and Dakota and Susan stayed up later and talked. Crazy peoples.

Tuesday we just kinda hung out. Went shopping, made a pie. In the afternoon I went to visit my kids, since I wasn't gonna be working that week and I missed them. Dakota and Susan were very nice to let me do that Smile Donovan took an interest in Dakota, and played cars with her. Susan held Sinead, and got her to smile. Tongue

Then we went to pick up my friend, Jennie, and we headed back home for a movie night. On the way, I, um.... well.... got a little lost Tongue I did find myself, however, but not before getting seriously worried about the extremely low level of the gas tank.
But anyway, we made it to the gas station in time, and then went home and watched An Affair to Remember. We got all sappy and sentimental at the end, as befits proper girls >_<

Wednesday, we decided to go to the beach. We drove down through Rhode Island, thereby crossing a total of 4 new states off the list for Susan Laughing out loud Dakota was marveling at the fact that it took us about 90 minutes to drive all the way from one side of Rhode Island to the other. The long way. Tongue

The beach was beautiful. Not too windy, not too awfully cold. We dipped our feet and hands in. Then we walked down the beach. We took pictures, we collected shells, we climbed down into a big hole, we sat and watched the waves. Was awesome. Laughing out loud

Feeling hungry at this point, we decided to complete our beach experience and find some seafood for lunch. It was then that we realized our problem. It was November. All the cutesy little fish-'n-chip places were closed for the season Tongue We tried going to the Chamber of Commerce/Tourist Information building. A sign on the door said 'Closed' but the door was unlocked, so we went in anyway. The lights were on, but no one was home. We rang the bell a few times, and found a map or two, but were unsuccessful in locating a restaurant that would be open. A new plan then came to mind. Why not ask one of the locals? And what better place to find a local, than at the dog grooming place! Sure enough, the lady there told us where to find a nice restaurant. We wandered a bit, then found it.
It was very lovely. Delicious fish and chips and chowda. Laughing out loud We even got a nice view of the bay, and a lighthouse in the distance.
Then we went home. And made pizza. It was yummy Laughing out loud

Thursday, of course, was Thanksgiving. We got up early-ish and went out for a ride on Daniel's dirtbike. Very muddy. Very fast. Very fun. Laughing out loud
We went to my Aunt's house in the afternoon. There were a total of 30 people there, 17 of which were kids. It was loud and crazy. Typical of our family gatherings. Susan was a big hit when she began to play the piano. We put out a tip jar and she collected a couple bucks. My uncle said if she were to record herself, he'd buy the CD Tongue
We ate much, and then took a walk, and then went home to sleep once more Tongue

Friday we went to Boston with my brother, Daniel. It rained. We were cold, and wet and miserable. We had fun anyway. Laughing out loud

We took the subway. It was really nice at first, since we got on at the first stop. Then we went a couple stops and a gaggle of Asian chics got on, cutting Susan and I off from Daniel and Dakota. Dakota and I texted back and forth to communicate. Then we got underground and lost service. Tongue

We went to the Old Statehouse, which was pretty cool. Fun stuff to do in the museum there. Then we walked to Faneuil Hall, saw the big copper grasshopper on top, and went to Quincy Market for lunch.
After lunch, we debated whether or not to walk all the way to Old North Church. It was raining, and cold, and windy. We decided to go anyway. But first, we three girls bought some way cool t-shirts, that are so perfect for Boston. Laughing out loud Daniel rolled his eyes at us and called us "tourists!"

On the way to Old North Church, we passed Paul Revere's house. It cost money to go in, so we didn't. Old North Church was cool. Other than being the sight of the famous "two if by sea" thing, it was also the home of the oldest, working, made-in-America clock. 'Twas neat to see.

We then were planning on heading home. Talk went around of possibly going to Fenway Park. Or rather, a small park nearby Fenway that several members of our family helped to build. This plan was abandoned, however, in light of the latter events.

I would like to say our trip after Old North Church was uneventful; alas, however, it was not.
On our way down the sidewalk, which was quite slippery from all the rain, we passed a pigeon. Dakota decided to kick out her foot at it. Not actually kick it, just make the motion. The motion was enough, however, and, since she was on a slick, metal grate, she slipped. She fell. She got up. She began to say her wrist hurt. A lot. *sigh*
So we went back to a small pharmacy in Little Italy. There was a cute, little, old, Italian Pharmacist. He helped us find a wrist brace. He had quite the firm grip, however, and Dakota almost passed out from the pain. I felt so bad for her!

Anyway, we got a splint and a sling and some pain meds and a bottle of water. Thus armed, we headed back to the T-stop. We had already planned on visiting Boston Common, so since we had enough money on out subway card (also known as a CharlieTicket) we decided to go. We went. It was cold. And rainy. We walked to the current state house. Then we got back on the T and went home.

Despite the rain, and the cold, and the wet, and the tiredness, and the evil pigeon, we really did have a good day. Laughing out loud

Saturday dawned bright and windy. We ignored the fact that it was our last day together and decided to make the best of it. My dad made his awesome homemade waffles for breakfast Laughing out loud

Early afternoon came, and we went out to Friendly's, where I used to work, for lunch and ice cream. Yummy Laughing out loud

When we got back, Susan and I decided that the only thing missing from the week was a dance. Laughing out loud So, when Jake got back from work, we fired up youtube and found some good songs to polka, swing and waltz to. It was very much fun. We took some hilarious videos. Like a certain person falling flat on his face. ^_^

We were very sad to see the day end. So we decided it should not end. Since we had to get up at 4 am to catch flights the next day anyway, we just decided to stay up all night Laughing out loud
We convinced my brother Jake to get us some Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, Chocolate, and Skittles. Then we sat around and talked, yawned, dozed, stared, opened our computers, closed our computers, watched youtube videos, chatted with people, webcammed with some crazy person who was up at weird hours of the night, laughed, joked, sang about not sleeping until brooklyn, sang about a sweet person named Caroline, sang about Benny, laughed some more, shushed each other, ate chocolate, ate skittles, drank caffeine, ate cheez-its, laughed again, got sad, counted the hours, and finally got dressed and packed. (One person was packed in plenty of time, the other person *coughdakotacough* was not packed until about 10 minutes before we had to get ready to go Tongue)

We packed up the car. Said goodbye to Jake (and thank you for keeping us up with his songs about Brooklyn) and Emily, and piled into the car.
We stopped for an early breakfast (and a much-needed coffee for me!) and then got to the airport. Dakota was dropped off first, and she actually hugged me. I was happy. Laughing out loud
Then I dropped off Susan. Then I left. I cried.
Now they are gone. And it will be many weeks before I see them again. I am sad.
But it was an amazing week.... one I would not have traded for most anything. Wicked awesome memories. Laughing out loud

The End

They sat through your sunday

They sat through your sunday school....did they learn anything? Laughing out loud

Very smart to plan early so you can leave late and be on time. Laughing out loud

lol at the guitarist in the park.

Who shushes on elevators?! O_o Who do they think they are? I'da kept talking...and louder....or told her to shush. Tongue :muttersdumbsnobs:

Susan's smart. Playing for money. ^_^

"gaggle of Asian chics" :snarf:

The pigeon was not evil! :waves signs: Pigeons have rights!

:knows who the crazy person up at odd hours was: Laughing out loud


With all the music, you couldn't figure out which note-designated terminal to go to at the beginning? Big smile


:applauds: Love

Some bossy person keeps

Some bossy person keeps bugging me to comment. Blah!

First of all, I must clarify - I did not get sappy and sentimental with An Affair to Remember! I may get sappy with some movies but that wasn't one of them.

I think my favorite part of this post is when you described the all-nighter. You summed it up so perfectly!

Of course I hugged you, you hoser. It may or may not have been painful, but I'm not going to say either way.


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