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Mon, 01/04/2010 - 19:32 — Carrie

Crazy fun times Laughing out loud

On Thursday, New Year's Eve, I got on a plane and headed myself down to Alabama. It was a terrible trip. Absolutely miserable. The thought of getting there and seeing my friends was my only motivation for continuing to go Tongue

I got there. I got on a van. I drove with interesting soldiers down to Columbus. One guy talked the whole time about his experiences as an engineer in the Military. I tried to sleep, but couldn't Tongue

When I got there, I called the Godin's. Then I sat in the airport shuttle terminal for 1/2 hour and tried not to watch the terrible tv program that was on, while watching the headlights, hoping for some to turn in, and pick me up.
Yes! Here they come! *happiness*
Kim was there, and her folks. We talked in the car. About how sad it was that Mark could not come. And the whole time... they knew... *roll*
We got there and I was greeted profusely by many young Godin's. Then I ate some spaghetti and played Pit. That was a lot of fun Laughing out loud
After, we danced, and sang, and danced, and put on flowery clothes, and set up the limbo pole. The strobe light was awesome Laughing out loud Trying to limbo, when you can hardly see where you're going. Now that is fun ^_^
Fireworks were amazing! I've never seen any but professional fireworks, and a few bottle rockets and sparklers. A very fun introduction to fireworks, it was. Beautiful colors, ooh's and aah's, beautifully warm weather *happy sigh*
And then, HAPPY NEW YEAR! ok, bed time

Friday came. I got up early and went for an hour long walk in the woods. Prayed much, cried a bit, sat and stared at the creek while praying. Much peace came about many things.
Then, I got a weird email. And I started to think. So I looked up some flights. And I started to suspect some things. But I convinced myself otherwise.
Then we talked with Mrs. Godin that morning. And began to make lunch. Then, from my carefully orchestrated position in the living room, I noticed a silver car pulling up in the Godin's driveway. Laughing out loud Hurrah that Mark was here!! Nasty Kim didn't tell me Wink
We all ate lunch. Then we talked some more. Then we went out for a tour of some things on the Godin property. That was way cool. Laughing out loud Then we had a huge dinner.... turkey with all the fixin's. 'Twas awesome. We went to bed at the very reasonable hour of 12:30 that night.

Saturday, we went to a very cool antique market. I forgot my money and had to borrow some. Tongue
Then we went home, stopping only for a coke on the way. Upon arriving at the Godin abode, we talked more, and watched a movie. Then we napped. That was good Laughing out loud
Saturday night, we danced. It was so much fun! One of the best parts of any get-together. We sat up until late.... very early/late..... talking that night.

Sunday found us getting up late-ish. Kate came, and we all went for a walk in the woods. Got some hilarious video about various things. Like stills and bones. ^_^
Riding Maverick was fun. I fell off. Kinda. But not enough to count. *snap*
Evening came, and we all felt miserable. We went for a walk and discussed plans. Big plans. Good plans. Exciting plans Laughing out loud
Then, we carried out those plans.
Bookstore, then starbucks where I made a huge mistake and bought coffee Tongue
We also played pitch, which was awesomely fun. We then went home and Kate left for the night. We all sat in the kitchen for a bit and talked. Then we moved into the Great Room and prayed together. Then we sat and talked.
One of the best nights ever. We talked, laughed, played with puppets, talked more, discussed funny things, sad things, serious things, friendship things. We prayed some more. One of my favorite things to do with friends, is pray with them. It means so much to hear them all pray. That second time we prayed was definitely the highlight of the entire night.
We stayed up until 5:30 in the morning. At one point, we made our way into the schoolroom. Then we sat around and talked more. hehe

Monday morning, we got up. I acted weird. It was annoying. Everyone fussed over me. I was embarrassed. And extremely grateful that I have such awesome friends.
Then, Mark and I packed, and then we sat in the kitchen and watched the clock.
When it was time to leave, we gave hugs all around. I cried. No one saw me Tongue
Mark and I drove to the airport. We talked much, and he didn't fall asleep >_<
At the airport, we made our way through security, and to Mark's gate. We felt completely talked out, so Mark got on chat and we talked. Then they announced boarding on the flight to Wichita. So we hugged and I walked away. Then I cried again Tongue
I called Susan, and felt a bit better, talking about how much awesome fun we had that weekend.
I slept the entire flight home. I have never, ever slept that well on a flight. I don't usually sleep well on trips. Planes, trains or automobiles. Some people know the truth of this.
This time, however.... wow.... I conked and knew nothing the entire 2 hours Tongue

Every time we see each other it hurts worse to leave each other. But it is still so worth it to see these awesome friends. God is so good to me. Laughing out loud

You cry a lot. That's all I

You cry a lot.

That's all I have to say here. ^_^

:raises hand:

um....since when does Tuesday come after Thursday?

ever since

I wrote a blog while in a state of complete emotional and physical exhaustion. Tongue
... There, I fixed it Laughing out loud


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