Putting away Christmas

Mon, 01/11/2010 - 14:25 — Carrie

Today, I put away Christmas. Packing all the baskets and pinecones up, wrapping up the lights, folding the stockings, cleaning up the tinsel garland. Wrapped in tradition, every Christmas piece brings memories. Perhaps, though, there are no more memory laden items than our many and varied Christmas ornaments. More than 200 ornaments grace our tree each year,

and they are carefully put on amid many exclamations of remembrance and inside jokes. Some of these ornaments are more special than others.
There's the old Christmas lights in interesting shapes, such as a fruit basket, that are long burned out; the clay people that used to be my grandparents; the lion and the lamb that always hang together; the puzzle bear that always loses his bow; the purple glass ornament that I bought with my own money when I was 6; the train that Daniel got from a most beloved Sunday School teacher in Kindergarten; the cross stitch frame with my mom's name, that is missing the matching one with my dad's name, cause we missed it one year and it burned with the Christmas tree; the noodle soldier who lost his legs; the panda bear that belongs to no one in particular (but of course I always hang up); the Snoopy and Woodstock that Dad puts up; the cat in honor of my first cat, Silver; and the baby's first Christmas ornaments that we each have. And of course, there's the pickle ornament that is a tradition in and of itself Tongue


Many other ornaments are special, such as the tiny snowmen no one can tell apart, and the myriad of horses that Emily has. Laughing out loud

Yes, Christmas ornaments are a huge part of our Christmas traditions.
Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. I love every part of it, and it's always a little sad to see it all get put away. One that does not mind putting up all the ornaments is Mollie. She enjoyed the bare tree very much.


Next up... Easter! Laughing out loud

:laughs at Mollie: She looks

:laughs at Mollie:

She looks like the caterpillars around here. A big one of course.

We didn't put any ornaments

We didn't put any ornaments up this year. Shock

Well, that means you didn't

Well, that means you didn't have to take them down. Lucky you Tongue


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