Weekend in PA

Tue, 02/02/2010 - 20:48 — Carrie

We went to Pennsylvania this weekend. It was fun

I had to go to work on Friday. It was miserable. I kept wishing I was in PA, already, with Mark and Susan. Plus, I was worried sick about Kim, Kris, and Kate, who were stuck in various airports. I didn't know what was going on with them, cause I couldn't get on the computer for a while. Very frustrating.
Anyway. Around 3 on Friday, I left work and we began to head on our way. Was a long trip. Very long. The fan in our car didn't work, so we had to drive for awhile before the window cleared up. I couldn't sleep, although I was already rather tired.

Somewhere around Rochester, NY, we hit snow. Bad snow. Bad enough to make the road very slippery. Then the salt started getting kicked up into our windshield and our wiper fluid didn't work. We had to drive very slow. My mom started talking about finding a place to stop for the night. I felt rather upset at that thought. We stopped at a rest stop for about an our and looked up the weather online. All the radars said that there was no storm. At all. Not even any clouds. We decided to press on in hopes that the snow would be over soon. Sure enough, after about 10 minutes driving, we got through it and were back on our merry way to the Hughes. When our GPS told us we had an hour left, we started counting down and announcing to the car every 5 minutes.
Finally.... "There it is! Mark Rd.!" *much cheering*

We got out of the car. Jake and I ran to the door. It was locked. I laughed Tongue
Then we went inside. Everyone came running and I was all shaky cause we were finally there and I was very happy.
We stayed up still. And..... I have no idea what we did. Then we went upstairs to bed and all stood around looking at the one bed trying to decide who got it. Somehow, I ended up sleeping there Tongue I had weird dreams about everyone there, all set to the tune of Cripple Creek.

The next morning came way too early. We got up and get ready to go. Then Mark came out of his room and we all sang Happy Birthday Laughing out loud
We went to the archery club and got out the sleds and went sledding on a nice sloping hill, cause everyone said the hill in the woods was too dangerous. Then we all decided to go to the woods anyway Tongue

It was much fun. Then we decided to see where certain disappearing persons had disappeared to. Several of us wandered through the woods for a while, and found no people, and no hill. The the disappearing persons reappeared and showed us the hill they had disappeared to. It was a very good hill and we had very much fun on it.
We built a ramp, and flew, and flopped. I got snow in my face. It was not an accident Tongue

We started to get hungry, and so we decided to get in one more sled. We all piled on the sleds and grabbed hold of each other and went down in a long train. Laughing out loud

Lunch was good. Then we played some games. And then we danced. And danced. And danced some more. Then we had dinner. And then we danced again Tongue It was fun, and we were all exhausted. Especially during Virginia Reel. Wow.

After all that, we went back to the Hughes. We sang some songs, and tried to figure out what we were going to sing on Sunday. Then we went to sleep. Somehow, I ended up on the bed again. Tongue

Next day, we all got up and went to the archery club for a church service. We sang for nearly an hour Laughing out loud
Then several of us shared from the scriptures. It was a very encouraging time for me. Encouraged me about several things I'd been struggling with that weekend and the previous week.

We broke for lunch, and then went ice skating. That was much fun. I fell twice. Once because I was chasing my brother. Tongue Neither time was graceful, unlike some other people.

After, we went back to the club and sat around. Some people jammed. Made me wish all the more that I could play an instrument Tongue
I videotaped some people doing crazy things. Like running in snow barefoot
Then I took a nap for a bit. That helped a lot.
Then we danced some more. Wow. I was so sore and exhausted after that.
We ate, then went back to the Hughes where we waited around for a bit. I worried.
Then Kim and Kayla and I got stuff, and we extended the birthday festivities Laughing out loud

We stayed up very very late/early.

We played Rook, and Mark won. Then we played San Juan, and Mark won.
I enjoyed both games very much and I think I shall try to acquire for myself a game of San Juan Laughing out loud

Coffee was made, and Kim had some. She didn't like it, and we discovered that she is effected by it the same way I am Tongue
Then, oh happy day! I was allowed a little bit of coffee. Actually, I was strongly advised against it.... but I had a bit anyway, and it woke me up without making me shaky Laughing out loud

We then went into the living room and I ground my teeth for awhile before going to bed.

I did not get the bed, cause I insisted on Susan getting it Tongue
I did not sleep well, and morning came much to quickly.
We played spoons, and packed, and found out we had more time than we thought, then we told some mind puzzles. Some people are way smart and figure things out very quickly. I was not one of them Tongue

We drove to the airport. It was too quiet. We got to the airport and waited around for Kate's license to get there, since it was late. Then KKK went through security and that was it. The end. I felt rather sick. And weird inside. Almost like I did in AL on the last day. I didn't tell anyone and it kinda passed after a while.

Well, actually, not quite the end. Mark and Kayla and I went back to the house, where we finished packing, and then ate lunch. Then we sang some more which was awesome. Then we said our goodbyes. It was very sad. We passed around hugs. Then we all left.

I took the first shift driving. I drove for about 2 hours. Then I slept the rest of the trip. Kinda. Was not good sleep, and I had weird dreams that I don't remember.
We got home around 11:15. I got on chat for a bit and then went to bed.

Twas a good week that passed in a blur.


What an awesome time of fellowship. I'm just blessed that you have stayed friends with us and decided to do it again. Smile

A good, coherent entry.

A good, coherent entry. Wink

Kayla left too?

Kayla left too?


She did. She left for work. Smart Aleck Tongue

You stopped for an *hour. I

You stopped for an *hour.

I miss you! Sad


They let the KKK through security? Whatever happened to, you know, security?

You need to learn how to sleep anywhere. It's a very useful skill to have. I mean, if you don't have enough sleep you might get off at the wrong train station.... oh wait.... I wasn't going to bring that up anymore. Your fault! I can't think of things to comment on!

I find it amusing and not surprising that you fell many times. Also you should be banned from coffee. Have you had Turkish coffee? It is AMAZING! I will make it when you come visit!


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