Here comes the sun!

Sun, 10/04/2009 - 12:52 — Carrie

It's a beautiful day!
Yesterday, it rained. This morning, it was wet and still quite cloudy. Then, just around the time church was over, the sun began to shine through.
By the time we were driving home, the sun was out in all it's glory. Shining brilliantly through the still-wet trees. Glinting off the bright red, orange, green and gold leaves. Bouncing it's rays past the puddles and reflecting onto the beautiful world around.
I love the rain. It's so refreshing. There's something so soothing, too, about the gentle fall, and something so thrilling about heavier rain, accompanied by thunder and lightning. And then, when it's over, and the world is still wet, you get a scene like I just described above.

Sometimes, I hate the rain. I hate that it keeps me from doing what *I* want to do. I hate that it messes up *my* plans. *I* want it to stop so that *I* can continue with *my* life.
Sure sounds selfish when I put it that way, huh? I feel that way when the 'rain' comes in life, too. I have my own little plans, and then they get messed up.
A while ago, I had to fly somewhere to visit some friends. I got up insanely early, and my dad drove me to the airport. It was a rainy, cloudy, dark day. As the plane took off, the sky was just starting to get light. It didn't reveal much except a very wet ground and more clouds. Then, we rose above the clouds. Instantly, brilliant sunlight shone through my window. The clouds were every color of pink and gold. It was a beautiful sunrise. Just gorgeous.
It made me think. Here we are, on earth, looking at the grey, sad, wet world around us thinking only of our ruined plans, yet on the other side; from God's perspective, if you will... breathtaking beauty. Our plans are mere peanuts in view of His awesome plan. Laughing out loud


Peanuts! Laughing out loud

God's Perspective

He's never depressed. Even in the fall.

I rather like being

I rather like being interrupted by the rain. If it weren't for things like that I might be in danger of moving too fast through life.

What do you do when it rains

What do you do when it rains for a week and a half almost straight?!?

Stop quoting Beatles songs. Now it's in my head! At least I like that one.


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