It's snowing...

Tue, 02/16/2010 - 10:16 — Carrie

and so I stay home from work.

I find it interesting that it's snowed so very much.... down south of us. People in Virginia were being told they had better clean off their roofs, cause more snow was coming and the roofs could collapse. Even the deep south of Alabama and Georgia were getting snow. Up to a foot of snow descended on Texas, establishing a record that will not likely be broken anytime soon.
And yet, here in the north, we've been able to see grass for the majority of the winter.
As most of my readers know, I took a snow day last week because of a major snow storm predicted. It snowed about 1/2 an inch. Whoop-de-do. Tongue

On another note, I finally went ahead and did it. I purchased a mandolin. I've wanted to for close to 2 years now, and finally worked myself up enough to do it. Now, all I have to do is stick to it. Me. The queen of no-perseverance. The one who wanted to learn flute, and now contents herself with remembering most of the fingering. The one who took piano lessons for years, and yet only can barely plunk out a tune with one hand. I've been justifying my purchase to myself, though, and hopefully I can motivate myself to learn this. I even used one of my paperbackswap credits on a mandolin chord book. We'll see what happens.

I talked to a FB hacker the other day over FB chat. I thought it odd when someone I have never communicated with over FB suddenly started chatting with me, but I was friendly, never-less-the. I couldn't chat long, and after exchanging pleasantries, I signed off. I knew something was up when I got home and my inbox contained an email from the same person, begging for money, since they had allegedly gotten robbed at gunpoint during their vacation in London. Yeah. Right. Creeped me out a bit, though Tongue

Am I stuck in a rut? I dunno. Should I want more than I have? I mean... I love my job, but there is really no chance for advancement in it. I could live on my own, if I wanted to, but I don't know if I do. Sometimes I think I do, but other times I can't imagine not living with my family. I think it would take some very obvious leading from God before I moved out.
I want to get married some day. Pretty sure I'm not ready for that yet. On the other hand, will I ever be ready? Getting married takes a lot of trust. There are very few people that I really can say I trust implicitly. It takes so long to get to know a person enough to really trust them, that I think I'm safe from marriage for a while yet Tongue
In the meantime, I don't want to be one of those girls who just sits around waiting for Prince Charming to drop into her lap.
For right now, however, I'm where God wants me. Of that I'm reasonably certain. I dunno if it's where He wants me for the long haul, but I'm here now.

I love mysteries. I dreamed a mystery the other night. Had to do with a friend in Oregon. Something about people stealing from her grocery store. I had almost solved it when my alarm went off. I took one look out my window and decided to stay home, and so I rolled over and fell back asleep, where I managed to solve the mystery. I love it when I can pick up a dream right where I left off Laughing out loud

I need to go somewhere. Not sure where. I might plan a weekend trip somewhere. Sometime when I can go without having to take time off work. Maybe in late March or April or something. I have to figure out where to go first, of course Tongue

My kids are growing up. Aislinn is going to be 6 in less than 3 weeks. Donovan is 3 1/2, and Sinead is going on 9 months now. Sinead is just on the verge of crawling, and she jabbers incessantly. It's so awesome to walk into work in the morning and have Donovan run up and give me a hug (with joyous exclamations of "You're home, Cawwie!") and see Sinead's huge grin when she recognizes me and her little arms reaching out for me to pick her up. I love my kids Laughing out loud

I'm happy Smile

The winter of 1971 we had a

The winter of 1971 we had a huge blizzard in Wichita. Believe it or not, I wasn't actually born yet in 1971. Laughing out loud

Mandolin: AWESOME!! you got pictures of it?


I didn't think you were *that* old Tongue

No pictures yet, since I ordered it online and it hasn't arrived yet. *drums fingers impatiently*


is one of my favorite lines.

You've touched a couple things I haven't dared admit.

Why do little ones have to grow up so fast? Sad It's weird feeling old.

Good luck with the mandolin. It needs a name. :nods:


it is weird feeling old. Much as I love to watch kids milestones... I wish they'd stay young for longer.

It does need a name. I might have to play it a bit before I name it, though. Hmmm.... wonder if it's a boy or a girl?

I feel the same way you do

Hey, Care Bear!! I am not sure if I feel exactly the same way you do but, I do feel restless. I want to be some where other than here. I might actually talk to mom about me going on a little vacation somewhere. I just want to get away. I am so restless ..........


good way to put it

Quit bragging about the snow,

Quit bragging about the snow, or lack thereof! Tongue

Hmm. I know what you mean. But you know that, because I whine about that all the time to you. I do know where you can go on a weekend trip though. Laughing out loud But yeah, maybe we should like go sell our possessions and move to Tahiti. What say you?


If it's any consolation, I've found that there is always some set of items that are on auto-pilot. So I'm in a rut somewhere and out of it elsewhere. The main question is whether you are doing what you need to.


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