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I went away for the weekend to a conference put on by Eric and Leslie Ludy. It was called the Set Apart Girls conference.

I tend to sometimes be a bit cynical of these type of conferences. People go, they get all emotionally high, the feel challenged, the feel convicted, they make some sort of commitment....
Then they go home and continue with their life as usual. Sure, maybe they change for a day or two. They make a point to read their bible and pray all the time... for the first week. Then over time, their commitment fades. It wasn't real. It was simply the result of an emotional high that they got.
Now, this isn't to say that a commitment made at such a time is necessarily false. Plenty of people do indeed follow through, and that's excellent.
So I went on this weekend excursion not really expecting too awful much. Challenging speakers, sure, but lasting commitment? Maybe I'm too cynical. More about my cynicism later Tongue
Anyway, so I went to this conference, and I came away from it very challenged and convicted. What was I convicted of, you may ask? Well, I was convicted of several things, most of which I will not lay out in this blog. I will say, however, that the speakers were very good. They spoke on so much more than a romantic relationship with a guy. Primarily, their point was how important a strong focus on your relationship, first with God. To live a life completely focused on God, and completely poured out for Him.
They also talked about guys, and what kind of things to look for in a guy. They set the standard pretty high, but not too high, I don't think. Some of the girls in my group seemed to think the standard rather unattainable, since during lunchtime, it was mentioned how Eric Ludy should be cloned, since he seemed so perfect :/ Somehow, I don't think that was the point of the message.

This blog is rather rambling, I apologize.... but to continue. Laughing out loud

Whether these commitments and convictions are a result of a spiritual high or not, the truth of them is very real. All of us are called to live a life that is Christ-centric. To continue to press on into the endless frontier of Christianity. Not to pitch our tent, just cause we've come further than 99.9% of Christians out there, but to keep going, setting our standard up with Christ and measuring ourselves by Him alone.

As a side note, on the rest of the subject of my cynicism.... there was a band there, at the conference, that led the music. They were a local band, I know them personally, and the bass player used to lead the music in my church. I don't particularly care for some of their music, especially when it's live. The words are great, and I can really worship God through them, but when it's so loud it gives you a headache, and the drums practically drown out everything else? And another thing... I remember when I was a young teenager, and I would go to these Christian camps and such... there would be our leaders, with their hands lifted up, and their eyes closed, and perhaps even swaying back and forth a bit. So here was I, thinking that that was the correct way to worship God. And, in the not-to-be-outdone category, I'd lift my hands and sway right along with them. So when I'm at this conference this weekend, and half the girls there lift their arms and begin to sway, the minute the guitar starts, I start to get cynical. "Hmm... I wonder how many of them really mean it. I wonder if they're truly worshipping God. I wonder if they're just doing that cause it's the thing to do"
It's very distracting to my own worship when those thoughts are jumping into my head. Maybe they are really worshipping. I know I've raised my hands in true worship before (not often, but it's happened Tongue)
Anyway. I'm a cynic, and I didn't like it. I wanted to believe they had pure motives, but I found myself feeling just like I do in Sunday School, when I'm trying to tell these kids how amazingly awesome our God is, and one of them turns to me and says "I'm going to a birthday party this afternoon!" It's frustrating, and it discouraged me.

So, those are my thoughts, and I'm sorry if they came out a bit jumbled.... it's a bit jumbled in my head, too. I didn't even proof read this post, cause I have to leave, and I don't want to do it later tonight. Tongue

Sway-worship. The first and


The first and last time I tried that, I was 6. It felt very fake and I didn't feel any more spiritual. Tongue
I figured it was only for old ladies who had gone through more.

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Six times.


I'm almost as cynical, but do

I'm almost as cynical, but do try to avoid deciding who is and is not worshiping God. That has not been my place so far. There are some things I still intend to interrupt, should I see them going on. Cloning Eric Ludy sounds amusing.

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I'm just posting

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I can identify so well with this. Usually when that starts to happen, I pray. I pray as hard as I can that it will be a lasting commitment in each one of their lives.

As far as worshipping with body movement, I don't raise my hands very often, but I have been known to hold them out palm-up. It feels like I'm offering my life. And I sway quite a bit. More than I hold out my hands. Laughing out loud

To each his/her own. There is no right or wrong way to worship God. If you need to hold still and be silent, do. Smile


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