On the Road Again -or- The Continued Adventures of Carrie

Wed, 04/21/2010 - 14:59 — Carrie

Last weekend I traveled again. This time, it was to that magical land of wind, tornadoes, wheat fields, and aeroplanes. That would be Kansas, in case you didn't guess. Smile

It started with a very late flight out of Boston, through Chicago, and into Wichita. I arrived at 10:30, CDT, and walked out past security where I saw the wonderful faces of some of my very best friends. After hugs and grins and awkward questions of "so.. um... how was your flight?", we traveled out to the car where conversation became normal and it once again felt as if we had only barely just left each other's company. Despite the 3 months since we'd seen each other last.

I was hungry, so we stopped at a Fast Food joint on the way back to the Hansen's house. Spangles, I think it was called. We got back and I was greeted by Mrs. Hansen. Then we sat around for a little bit and talked, and by midnight were all so tired, we decided to go to bed early.

Morning came early. Really early. 4:30, early. Kim and Kris and I tried to figure out why we'd all woken up so early, but couldn't, so after talking a bit, we rolled over and dozed until 7. Then we awoke and went upstairs where we joined Mark and Susan and talked for a bit more. Lunch was decided upon, and mexican food became the cuisine of choice. We decided on an Irish Mexican place, Carlos O'Kelly's, for our food, because Mark said they had great Queso. He was right. ^_^ The taco salads were excellent, too. Well, half of it was. The other half probably was, too, but none of us completely finished our salads, because they were so humongous. They had to use cake boxes as the take home boxes. Tongue

We got to the ice skating rink only a little bit late, and donned ice skates. Many fun times were had by all. Highlights include: Skating with Susan. Skating fast with Mark (despite the soreness that ensued). Trying to learn to skate backwards (would have been a much higher-light, had I succeeded). Watching other people skate. Watching other people collide, yet not fall. ^_^ Sitting on the sidelines chatting. Helping fashion a scarf-turban.

After ice skating we went to the park where we got to play Ultimate Frisbee. I hadn't played in a long time, and it was vera fun. No clue who won, but it didn't really matter. Laughing out loud

Frisbee finished and we went back to the Hansen house to get prepared for the dance. I curled my hair, but was only slightly satisfied with how it turned out. Tongue

We got to the dance hall early, and had enough time to practice Road to Spencer. Twice. It was awesomely fun Laughing out loud

Other favorite dances included Physical Snob, Road to Spencer (again), Virginia Reel, and Posties Jig. Virginia Reel and Posties top that list. So. Much. Fun. And So. Exhausting. Tongue

We went out to Braums for ice cream, afterward. I got a Strawberry Shortcake Sundae. It was delicious. Laughing out loud

Afterward, we went back to the house with our group, as well as Brendan, Megan and Jonathan, and Chad and Sara. We talked about many different things, from relationships, to ATI, to gambling. After we played a couple games of Take 2, everyone else went home, and the 5 of us stayed up until nearly 2:30 talking such things as books, movies, ticklishness, and odd sleeping positions. Tongue

Sunday morning found me sleeping on the couch, and I slept hard. So hard, that I woke up about 15 minutes before we were supposed to leave by the sound of Mark and Susan talking to each other.
"We should wake her up."
"Yeah, we should"
(slightly higher voice) "Do you think if we talk loud enough she'll wake up?"
(even higher voice) "I dunno, maybe"

I woke up. Tongue

After getting ready quickly, we headed out the door to Hannah's house for our church service. It was pretty good. Good singing, good stuff that people had to share.
Then we said goodbye to some people. That part was sad.

A few of us played a game of San Juan. I won. I think. Although when I was thinking about it later, I think I miscalculated some of my points... so it's slightly possible that Nat actually won. Tongue But it was a fun game, never less the.

We made plans for the morrow, and then headed home. Once home, we all took naps. Loveliness Laughing out loud :D
Dinner plans were made, and Mark ordered the pizza online. 7:00 rolled around and Mark, Kim, Kris and I headed out the door. Susan was at Awana, so she couldn't come.
We picked up the pizza, then went to the movie store. 45 minutes later, we walked out the door with 3 movies in hand. Choices are hard to make. >_<

When we got home, we discovered 2 things. Susan was home, and the pizza was cold. In case you were in doubt, that first thing is a good thing, and the second thing is not. Tongue

Pizza was reheated, however, and we all settled down to watch Galaxy Quest. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. ^_^ Then we watched another movie. No comment.
We also raided Mark's video tape stash and discovered a long-lost tape of a long-ago performed skit. Fun times. Brought back many memories... some bad, but most good. Laughing out loud

We all stayed up late, late, late. ^_^
Many things were talked about. I talked too much. :/

Morning once again came. I was sad. For more reasons than one. It was the last day. I was tired, and it was Ian's 5th birthday. Being with friends helped me not be too sad, though.
We took a walk and talked. No matter what activities we do, there can never be too much talking. Laughing out loud

After the walk, we headed out for a brunch at Village Inn with Hannah, Chad and Sara. I had crepes and biscuits with gravy. *happy*

Afterwards we got a tour of Cessna, by our very own personal tour guide. ^_^
The tour was very cool. Some of the stuff about planes was fun. I enjoyed listening to Mark describe it all, almost as much as I enjoyed hearing the information. The plane assembly lines were awesome. When I got home and was telling my dad about it, he said he was jealous, and a tour of Cessna would have been worth the trip to Kansas alone. Tongue

After the tour, we said goodbye to Chad and Sara. Sara also gave me a gift, and revealed her sneakyness over the past year. Tongue

Once home, we were all really quiet. I packed...er.... I mean.... I organized all my stuff into my bag. Laughing out loud
Then we had more conversation. Surprisingly deep for the level of exhaustion we were all under. Tongue

We took a picture outside and all pretended to smile. Then we drove to the airport. It was a very quiet drive. When we got there and I got checked in and everything, I realized I didn't have to go through security for more than half an hour. So we sat at the table in the little cafe place and stared at each other and made small talk. Very small. Tongue

Then I left. And rode a plane. And dozed. And got home wicked late. (had to slip that word in there somewhere, Susan Wink)
My mom and Caleb picked me up. I talked incessantly in the car... but I have no clue what I said. Tongue Then I got home and slept. >_<

Yesterday I went back to work. When I went to put the baby to sleep in the morning, I sat on the couch for a minute. 1/2 an hour later, I woke up to the sound of the door opening, and Aislinn wondering where I'd disappeared to. Tongue Hopefully I shall catch up on sleep this week.

It was a good weekend. A very good weekend. I miss people. *sigh*

ETA: I use lots of smilies in my blogs. ^_^

Wow. This sounds almost

Wow. This sounds almost exactly like the vacation I just had...

Fun times.

*likes* yes, def a very fun

*likes* yes, def a very fun time. lol, "higher-light"...nice. lol, the part about Mark and I trying to come up with a devious way to wake you up, cracks me up...lol, I must have been the "even higher" voice. YOU DID NOT TALK TOO MUCH!! but that's just my personal opinion. Tongue
hehe, you only "organized your stuff into a bag"...I feel conspired against!! lol, no matter how much you use that *ahem* one word...I WON'T USE IT!!! At least, that's what I'm hoping for, lol. Tongue oh, you and your hair...it turned out fine! Yes, the things you mentioned were definite highlights...very good weekend all the way around. *sigh* I miss you too, and I think you're seeming farther and farther away. Sad ok, that's just depressing. To think happier thoughts, only three months!!! Laughing out loud Until I talk to you again, which will probably be in a very very short time, love you lots, miss you lots, and many hugs!! Laughing out loud

Nice synopsis of the weekend.

Very nice indeed.

Lots of good times. I'm still recovering. Laughing out loud


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