Sat, 04/24/2010 - 05:57 — Carrie

It's been an eventful couple weeks on the work-front for me. The warmer weather has brought a jump in outside playing, and I was pleased to find myself already quite tan by mid-April. Tongue
It seems every time I look at my kids, they're growing and changing. Just yesterday I looked at Donovan and marveled at how big he's getting, especially compared to the barely 1-year old I met when I first started working there. Just in this past week, he's become completely toilet trained. He's very proud of himself, too, and comes running to me with each important event, face all aglow, hands still soaked from the 5 minute washing he gives them each time. He now officially refers to himself as a 'big boy' since I always told him that he can't be a real big boy until he uses the bathroom. He's very serious about this growing up stuff. Tongue

Aislinn, too, is gaining new accomplishments. Yesterday, Daddy took the training wheels off her bike, and she got the hang of it very quickly! She even wanted to skip snack so she could keep practicing. Donovan inherited the neighbor boys two-wheeler-with-training-wheels, and is learning how to pedal. He's nearly as fast as Aislinn, and is glad he doesn't have to scoot around on the small bike anymore.

Sinead is standing. Fully standing. She'll even take a few steps as long as she can hang onto my finger. Tongue She's so close to taking her first step on her own. I can't wait. ^_^
She gets into everything, and lights up whenever I walk into the house. Her grin is irresistible, even when she's being a little rascal, and she's learning rapidly how to better communicate. Although screaming is still her preferred method of getting what she wants.

I love my kids. Smile

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