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It has come to my attention that the majority of my blog lately has been some depressing stuff. I was trying to figure out why. Am I really that depressed all the time?
Well, no, in fact, I am more often not depressed, than I am depressed. So why do so many of my blog posts reflect the depressive side of me?
I have concluded the following reasons:
1- Being depressed for me is not the norm, so when it does happen, it seems blog-worthy.
2- When I'm happy, I'm just happy, whereas when I'm sad, I feel the need to write to let some of my depression/sadness/pent-up frustration out. Hence, a blog post.
3- I get more comments when it's a sad post, 'cause everyone tries to cheer me up. ^_^

That being said, I've decided to write a happier post. Only problem is, I don't have anything particularly happy to write about, so I think it's going to be more of a neutral post.
I've been considering some changes in life, lately. Still praying about one in particular, so I won't go into detail about it, but the other one is the possibility of taking some college courses this fall. Nothing too exciting. Just some foreign language and perhaps a math course. I don't study things enough, and I have trouble motivating myself to study and learn on my own, so if I sign up for a class, I figure it'll be easier to stick to it. Tongue

Okay, I know I said I wasn't going to put anything sad in this post, but I must now make an exception for a very notable change that will take place soon. Jake is moving out. He's going up to NYC for the Summer. Queens, to be exact. He'll be interning at a church there until the beginning of August, at which point he will return home for a few weeks, at most, and then be off to Virginia to attend Liberty University. He's leaving in little more than 2 weeks.
This is very sad. Sad Jake and I don't always agree about everything, but I can literally talk to him about anything, and to have him leave will be very sad. I foresee some weekend trips to Virginia coming up for me this fall. Tongue

Ok, on to happier topics.
My baby is almost a year old. I can hardly believe it! Seems like just yesterday she was a newborn, and now she's almost walking! She waved and said bye-bye to me the other day for the first time, and I think I had the same goofy smile pasted on all night because of it. Tongue I can't wait until she says my name. ^_^

Summer has arrived, and brought 80 degree weather and 80% humidity with it. The heat I could do without, but the humidity is not bad. Laughing out loud

I found a new panda website online. It has some very neat stuff on it. Laughing out loud

I am studying dispensationalism lately, brought on by a recent conversation. I have studied it before, but usually didn't know where to start. I've gotten on some decent leads now, though, and we'll see where I get. Some of the stuff I don't quite agree with, but other things seem to make sense.

I am very glad I have friends. When time goes by and I don't get a chance to really talk to them, I suddenly realize how much I depend on them.


Big smile @ studying Dispensationalism.

College courses are not a bad idea. While you pray about them, you might also pray that no single, eligible guys see this blog post and turn away because of "your baby." Tongue



if they know me, Chris, they know what baby I'm talking about. Lol. Big smile


I didn't know that about Jake. Very exciting!

You should take college classes. You will definitely learn a lot, and not just from the class. Yup.


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