Counting My Blessings

Fri, 05/21/2010 - 10:17 — Carrie

Life is tough. I have burdens, I have friends with burdens. I can't always figure things out, despite how hard I try. Sometimes when I try to fix a problem, it just gets worse. Some things are so heavy, I'm brought to the point of tears.

But this is a happy post. Laughing out loud

Sure, life is tough. Sure I have burdens. But doesn't everybody? Sometimes the vastness of the world boggles my mind. I have this incredibly complicated life. I have friends, family, work, church, situations, etc...
Yet I look around me sometimes. In my simple 15 minute drive to work, on back roads, I pass at least 100 other cars. Each one of those cars holds a person with their own complicated life, friends, family, etc... Weird to think that as complicated as my life is, there are 6 billion other lives as complicated as mine, some more so. (and some less, but it all evens out. Tongue)

Yet within my complicated difficult life, I have some amazing blessings. I could spend all day typing and never get half of the things down that God has blessed me with. Whether it be a big thing, like my family and my friends, or a little thing, like the fresh smell of Spring through my open window this morning.

Sometimes I lose sight of that. Sometimes I let the burdens of my life overwhelm me and I lose sight of the great God who supports me. I am most of all so very blessed that God is there for me! So many, many people in this world don't have my God to run to. Yet no matter what the burden, the blessings God has given me far outweigh them.

So count your blessings, everyone. It may surprise you what the Lord has done. Smile


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