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Wed, 06/09/2010 - 11:53 — Carrie

I've been reading some things lately about different personalities. Different tests and various letters and numbers that identify you. Sometimes I look around me and see everyone and think, 'wow, I am so very different. No one is like me!" Then I read a personality profile for 'my type' and it scares me with how accurate it is. Tongue
On the other hand, I'm beginning to wonder about my long assumed INFP analysis. Some of it just doesn't seem to fit me as I thought before.

So here's what I've been thinking about all of this lately. If a certain action or way of thinking is natural to your personality type, it's so easy to just say, "Look, see? That's just the way I am! Can't really help acting/feeling like that."
"Oh, well, see, my personality is such that I can't stand conflict, so whenever I encounter it, I automatically act as though it's no big deal and just gloss over it... sorry, can't help it." *cough*

Anyway, my point in all this is, personality profiles are great. I really like them. I enjoy trying to figure out what number or letter I am, or what animal describes me best, or who else has the same 'personality type' as me. Not only that, but it can be really helpful for understanding myself, and especially others. Same goes for things like Love Language or Spiritual Gifts.
However, it can't be something I hide behind. If my personality type includes an undesirable characteristic, I need to work to change it. Pay no attention to the fact that they say you can't change your personality type. You may not be able to change your natural bent, but you can certainly change how you react towards things. I'm a very timid person, but when something happens, there are times when I have to confront things, no matter how uncomfortable it is.
I can let my personality type define me, or I can define my personality type.
With God's help I can get over my insufficiencies. INFP or not. Tongue


This has bothered me for a while about personality types. Paul said he was all things to all people -- wherever there was a need, he tried to fill it. These quizzes can give a reason for complacency when they are only a statistical analysis.

The last "personality type" study that I saw fit me on more than half of the personalities. Maybe I should enroll in a facility with white, padded rooms. Tongue


"Maybe I should enroll in a facility with white, padded rooms."

I wholeheartedly approve of this idea. Tongue

Good blog, Carrie.

good point

You have found a treasure, my daughter! You are right... knowing your personality type can help you know why you *tend* toward certain reactions, and why you *tend* to do some things, but you still can *choose* how you respond (does this sound vaguely reminiscent of anything you may have heard me say over the years???).

Personality types can also help other people understand YOU. If I know what you tend toward, I can know why you might say/do certain things especially when you're tired, stressed, etc. It can cause me to act more mercifully, and remind you more graciously. Again... it helps me do that, but I'm responsible to *choose* to act that way! Big smile

Anyway, you show wisdom and maturity and you are, have been, and continue to be, a daughter any mom would be proud of!

love you, Carebear!

I don't know about this. My

I don't know about this. My personality type tells me I don't like people and I find them idiotic. How am I supposed to change that? I don't. Other people need to change.

Ok fine, I should be serious. Maybe. I agree with your post, I think. Again, I am indecisive. Tongue


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