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Wed, 06/16/2010 - 10:21 — Carrie

This past weekend, once again, my travels took me to Wichita, KS, for the wedding of some very dear friends of mine.
Saturday morning at 3 am, I was driven to the airport by my dad. It was a very leisurely trip, especially compared to the last time he drove me to the airport. Tongue
Got there in plenty of time for the flight, and had absolutely no mishaps going through security or anything. I started to worry. Something always goes wrong on a flight... so what would, this time? Tongue

Sure enough, just after I'd boarded my flight, the captains voice came of the intercom telling us we would all have to deboard and be reassigned a flight, since this one was having technical difficulties. I didn't have much time in Wichita to prepare for the wedding anyway, and began to worry I'd miss it altogether.

As I walked up to the counter and told the person there my final destination, he turned to the other lady and asked, "Did we ever find any flights other than that late afternoon one to Wichita?"
The wedding was in the late afternoon. I stressed. Tongue
"Nope, just that one that gets in at 3:50"
So I got booked on that one. Leaving me one hour before the wedding began to prepare. Tongue
I sat in the airport, waiting for my flight. Called Mark and told him what was up. Then waited some more.

In Memphis, where my flight connected through, I dressed for the wedding. While standing in the restroom fixing my hair, a lady stopped and asked me, quite concernedly, if I had spent the night in the airport. Tongue

I got to Wichita about 20 minutes early. Mark was not there yet. Then he showed up, and we hastened to the wedding. Got there as they were taking pictures. Greeted Kim, and made our way to our seats.

The wedding was most beautiful. Very simple and lovely. Chad and Sara stared at each other the whole time. It was cute and sweet. ^_^
Then we went to the reception, and a cord was discovered to be missing. Mark had to go to Walmart to get another one and, since I knew no almost no one at the reception, I went with him. We got there, got the cord, and headed back. About 100 feet from the reception, Mark suddenly discovered the absence of the original cord, the one he had already had. It was completely gone. Not in the truck, not on the ground, not in the trashcan. So back to Walmart we went. Bought a new one, and came back to the reception hall, where we found all the food to be gone, except a baked potato. The cords ended up not working for what we wanted anyway. >_<
After that, we danced. Three dances that Mark called. It was much fun. Laughing out loud

The reception over, Mark, Kim and I went to Freddy's for dinner. Pretty good food. We were a lively bunch. Tongue Then we went back to the house, unpacked our stuff, and talked a bit to Mrs. Hansen before we all went to bed.

Got up the next morning and had turkey bacon and eggs for breakfast. Everyone looooved the turkey bacon. Then we sat around with our bibles and had an impromptu bible study. It was really good. Smile

After that, I was called upon to tell us what we would to today. I had no idea. Thankfully, our resident Wichita expert suggested the zoo. I thought it was a lovely idea and we all got ready to go.
It was lovely. Even though it rained a bit. That just made it more interesting. Laughing out loud
Saw many animals. Gorillas, parrots, spoonbills, flamingos, tigers, and an anteater, to name a few. We even found a rare Jean-Nibbling, Blue-Crested Bird. Apparently, it prefers Alabama jeans, to Kansas jeans, however.

After the zoo, we went out for pizza. Very tasty. Laughing out loud Home again for a nap. Then off to the theater to watch Karate Kid. It was a good movie, and the curtain at the theater was very very cool. I wish we had a curtain like that at our theater. Tongue

Bed time did not come very early. 3 o'clock saw Kim and Mark heading to bed, though I didn't sleep until nearly 6. Too much thinking to do.
I was up again at 7 and had a good talk with Mark's mom and dad. Smile Then we had delicious pancakes and real bacon, before heading out to do a bit of shopping.
Mark got cowboy boots. We helped him pick them out. It was fun. Laughing out loud Then he got some sunglasses. Really nice sunglasses. Then we went back and he got ready for work.
We said goodbye to Mark. It was sad.

Kim and I went to Taco Tico for lunch with Mrs. Hansen. Kim told about her recent trip to California. Wild gesticulations were made. I enjoyed it muchly Laughing out loud
Finally, I felt I could stay awake no longer, and we went back to the house where I slept for an hour and a half and dreamed weird dreams. When I woke up, I packed and we left for the airport.
Got there and both Kim and I checked in for our flights. As soon as I ran my card at the check in kiosk, a small notice showed up.
"We're sorry, but your flight has been delayed, causing you to miss your connection. You have been re-booked on a later flight."
I stood there and stared at it. It just couldn't be! Another delayed flight?! When I saw what flight I had been rebooked on, I could hardly believe it. I would not be arriving home until 5:00 am. So much for catching up on sleep. >_<

Oh well, I told Kim, and called Mark and told him. Then Mark showed up at the airport and we got some food and talked until Kim's flight had to leave.
Then Mark and I drove to a nearby park and walked on the path. We didn't walk far. The whole path had been flooded. Tongue
So we just walked back and forth a couple times. We spotted a fox, and a deer with two fawns. They were very cute. Laughing out loud
We talked, and walked, and talked, and stood, and finally the time came for me to return to the airport. I said goodbye again, for real this time, and went through security. *sigh*

My first flight to Denver was short, but I managed to get in about 20 minutes of sleep. Then I sat in the airport there for another 3 hours waiting for my flight to Boston.
Got on the flight, and promptly fell fast asleep. Woke up about 5 minutes before the captain announced our descent into Boston. I was about 1/2 hour early, so I sat outside in the cool morning air waiting for my mom. I fell asleep sitting there about 4 times. Tongue
Stopped on the way home at Einstein Bros. Bagels. Was delicious. Then got home around 7:00. Fell asleep for 2 hours, then up again for work. At work yesterday, I slept for 2 hours with the kids. They usually don't sleep that long. I was very thankful. Laughing out loud

Next up: Summer vacation in South Dakota and Kansas! Laughing out loud Laughing out loud


I like your version of the trip better than mine.

Was so fun seeing you again so soon. Smile

Is it selfish if the last

Is it selfish if the last sentence is my favorite? Laughing out loud

Sounds like a fun trip. Except for your problems with flights. Haha!

Not selfish...

since that's one of my favorite parts too... considering the rest is already over. >_<

You just got into one scrape

You just got into one scrape after another! Laughing out loud oh dear Puzzled


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