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Fri, 09/03/2010 - 21:40 — Carrie

I went for a walk today. It was raining a bit, but since I had left the windows open in my car, and thus got wet driving home, I figured I might as well get more wet.

I really wanted to go walk in the woods, so I put on some sneakers and headed out the door. I considered just crossing the street and going on the paths back there, but I had done that many times, and didn't really want to do it again. Instead, I decided to go into some woods that were nearby. They were actually the woods behind the house I grew up in, and there were many old logging trails there. I had been on the trails last winter, and had a rough idea of where they went, and how to get to a certain place from them. This in mind, I set out walking down the road. 

I walked and ran about 2 miles, and then turned down the side street that would take me to an old house that used to be abandoned. From the house, I would cross a large field and enter the paths.

Then I got to the house. It appeared to be no longer abandoned. And the new owners didn't like company. There was a large gate at the end of the driveway with a "No trespassing under ANY circumstances!" sign. Well, there were some woods right there on the side of the road, so I decided to just plunge in there and meet the path later on. Only mildly deterred by a dog who kept barking, and hoping no suspicious people came out of any of the neighbors houses to see who might be skulking through the woods, I proceeded on.

Then I met the thorns. They were rather unexpected. I was determined to have that walk in the woods, though, so I figured "how bad can the thorns really be?" and stepped over them. Then there were more... too high to step over. Well, they're rather high off the ground... I can crawl under them! Other than getting thorns stuck in my hands (which I'm still trying to get out) and branches and leaves in my hair, it was easy. 

I stood up and looked around. Clear sailing! No path, yet, but I was confident I'd find it soon enough. Unfortunately, I was to find more thorns, first. Tongue

They came in the form of tall green weeds. I was fooled into thinking they were *harmless* tall, green weeds. They turned out to be rather sharp. I began to think about turning back, but there were at least as many thorns behind me as ahead, plus, I could see the path on the other side of these thorns. So I pushed through. I made it about an inch every couple minutes or so. I kept thinking how far I'd come, and how I might as well just keep going. 

After what seemed like forever, I finally came out on the other side. By now, my hands were very sore, my hair was quite wet, and my knees were dirty. But there was the path! I felt rather successful, and headed down the path in triumph.

I celebrated too soon. The landmark I was looking for to tell me when to turn off the path and cut through the woods never showed. I kept thinking it would be right around the next corner... and it never was. Eventually I started to notice it was getting rather dark. It was close to 7:00 know and I knew that any minute, my mom would call to see what had happened to me. I started praying she wouldn't call until I knew where I was. 

I considered turning off the path... the woods in this area were only so big, flanked on all four sides by rather major roads, but since I wasn't sure where I was, and it was getting dark, I decided I had a much better chance of finding civilization if I just stayed on the path. 

After about 15 minutes of walking rather quickly, I saw light through the trees. I didn't know what was ahead, but I did know it was the end of the woods. Coming out, I saw that I was near some large power lines. Well, I knew that these power lines crossed a certain major road nearby. I looked left. I looked right. Hmmm.... which way? I suspected it was to the left, but couldn't be sure, so I listened. I heard traffic to the right, so went that direction. It wasn't long before I came out on a road. Unfortunately, I wasn't quite sure which road it was. Tongue

Doing some quick calculations, I figured that in order to get home, I'd have to go to the left on the road. This I did, and just then, my mom called. I related to her the abbreviated narrative and asked her to come pick me up, since it was getting rather dark, and I didn't really want to be walking on narrow roads after dark.... except I still wasn't sure where I was. :D Eventually, I did see a landmark and was duly rescued.

My walk turned out quite different than I had originally planned, but I rather enjoyed myself, none the less. Laughing out loud


This is how I like things to

This is how I like things to turn out. The adventure is better worth remembering than if everything had gone exactly as though these trails were the ones across from your current house.

By the way, this means that I excuse you for getting us off at the wrong exit last April. Big smile


That's what I was thinking about adventures. Much more memorable when things go wrong.

And thank you for your excusing... I was really worried about that. >_<


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