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 For those of you not in the know, OSR stands for Ohio Summer Rendezvous  (Not to be confused with the Ohio Winter Rendezvous). It's a fancy name for an amazing weekend. I went with my dad. Laughing out loud

It was held in Perrysville, Ohio, at the Pleasant Hill Outdoor Center. By our maps, it was 11 hours away, and that doesn't count meal and bathroom breaks. The original plan was to drive it all in one day, but that was before the arrival time of 4:30 sunk in, and a departure time of 4:00 am was fully realized. The plan then changed to leaving Thursday night, directly I was done with work. 

I got off work a half hour early, and we hit the road at 4:30 pm. Our stop for the night was just the other side of Syracuse, NY, in a tiny village called Port Byron. We have some very dear friends who live there, whom we have not seen in years. Arriving at about 9:30, we stayed up and chatted with them, getting caught up, until around 10:30, then hit the sack.  We were up bright and early for a delicious breakfast cooked by Aunt Gini. Then it was back on the road by 10.

With only a pitstop and a lunch break (oh yeah, and that long detour to find a Walmart to replace the pillows and towels we had forgotten to bring...) we    it to the camp by 5, where we were greeted enthusiastically by friends. Makes one feel rather   like a celebrity to show up and immediately have people gather around you, while others take pictures of your arrival. Tongue

Anyway, so we got there, safe and sound, unloaded the car, and I claimed the last bunk in what was later referred to as the 'crazy cabin'. I think I'd have to agree. Tongue

Dinner was first up. Lasagna, garlic bread, and salad. It was delicious, and I ate two more pieces of garlic bread than I should have. >_<

After dinner, there was a bonfire outside. A bunch of people brought out their instruments and were jamming. It made my fingers itch, so I brought out my mandolin. I was certainly not feeling confident enough to play it for everyone to hear, though, so I contented myself with strumming it quietly in the background. Smile After awhile, things seemed to be petering out, and I was exhausted, so I went to bed. As I was falling asleep, I could hear the sound of enthusiastic singing outside. I was a bit sad, since I knew I was missing it, but since I was half asleep already, I didn't go out. I kinda regret it, but oh well.

I slept hard. Very hard. Until 2:00 am. Right around that time, I began to wake up, very slowly, to the hushed sound of voices and giggling. After about 15 minutes or so, I was cognitive enough to hear and understand what was going on. I peeked over the side of my bunk. There were a total of 7 bunks in the room, and mine was sandwiched between two others. On the other side of the room, was a similar set up, and the outer bunk, farthest from me, had upright figures in the bottom bed. I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep. No good. After a few minutes, I quietly hissed, "Sshhh!" and then held perfectly still so no one would know it was me.

It worked.... kinda. They got quiet...er... But it wasn't long before the volume was back up to hearable levels. Now, mind you, it was not loud. It was probably some of the quietest whispering possible. Never the less, when it's 2:00 in the morning, and you're trying to sleep, any whisper is loud. I kinda felt bad. If it had been me whispering (I speak from experience) I would have wanted to keep talking, and not sleep. Been there done that. I even have the t-shirt. >_<

So after another few minutes of whispering, I whispered in a hoarse voice, "Please go to sleep!" and then again held still. One of them turned and looked to see who it was. I was not inclined to reveal myself. For about 30 seconds there was silence. Then the whispers started again, even quieter than before. Then, again, the volume slowly rose. As a last ditch effort, I hissed again, "SSSSHHHH!" and held still. Events proceeded as before, and I was very nearly about to give up my cover and get out of bed, when someone else did it for me. Pop! Out of bed came --- (name omitted to protect the guilty) and she stalked over to the offending bed. 

"You girls are being really rude! People are trying to sleep and you need to just be quiet and go to bed so they can!" Then she stalked back to bed. There was a pause. Then all 4 girls jumped out of bunk and hurried to their own beds. Quiet at last! ^_^ In the morning, I made it known that I was the secret shusher, and we all had a laugh about it. 

Yes, morning did come. I fell back asleep rather quickly, and then woke up a few times in the morning. With 14 girls and 2 showers, I figured I'd have to be up rather early to get a hot shower. So by 7:00 I was dressed and outside for a walk and bible reading. Then I made my way down to the lodge where I found a few more early risers in conversation.

Breakfast was announced by Gabe, who played Reveille on the bagpipes. About half an hour later, people started straggling into the dining hall. Breakfast was delicious. Pancakes, eggs, sausage and fruit salad. A discussion ensued about the grossness of pork products. Tongue

After breakfast we were off to our hike! We were supposed to drive to the start of the hike, and then walk to a nearby waterfall from there. Accordingly, we all piled into various vans and cars. Our caravan was about 8 cars long, I think. I drove with Hannah L. and, as all the cars were pulling out, she said, "I don't care what order we're in, I just don't want to be last!" 

Well, we were last. Tongue Never-the-less, Hannah did an excellent job of following the car in front of her. We followed for awhile, including making a u-turn at one point. Then, suddenly, we wound up on the top of a dam, and there were only 4 cars. Seems the first of those 4 had lost the car in front of it. We hemmed and hawed for a bit, trying to figure out what to do. A couple phone calls were made, with answering-machine results, and we were trying to figure out if we should go back and try to figure out where we went wrong, when someone from the original lead car called us back. Apparently we were going to right way, we just hadn't gone far enough, and the other few cars were waiting for us just around the corner. >_<

We made it to the correct location soon enough, and, after a brief pause to swing on the nearby swings, we continued. It was a very nice walk/hike through the woods. Lovely river to walk next to, and the trees were really cool, too. Then we got to the dam and the fun started. First, there was the waterfall. It was a huge disappointment. Tongue Not only was it barly a foot high, but it was actually flowing backwards, due to the hill the water was coming down. We found out later that the actual waterfall was quite a bit further (too far to hike to that day) but in the meantime we had quite the laugh over this one.

We were still at the bottom of the dam, so we began the hike up to the top. About halfway up, I decided it would be fun to roll to the bottom. It was. ^_^

Then I climbed up again and we all stood around at the top trying to decide if we had enough time to hike up to the actual waterfall. Unfortunately, we didn't, so back down the hill we went! Then someone had the grand idea of spelling out HSA with ourselves on the hill, and taking a picture. After several attempts at   organization, and finally getting ourselves situated on the level spot halfway down the hill, the pictures were taken. Those of us who had been laying there longer were very relieved when we were done, since several small, biting, ant-like bugs had been annoying us for some time. Tongue

We all made it back to the camp in one piece, and a delicious lunch of tacos and nachos was enjoyed. After lunch was the Talent Show!

I was in two skits, so after wolfing down my taco, I raced to the outdoor amphitheater where the talent show was being held, to practice. We practiced the Pride and Prejudice skit I was in, then darted around trying to get stuff ready for the VeggieTales skit I was in. No time to practice that one, so we got everything into place and prepared to wing it. 

The talent show got off to a great start with a dance, a song, a bagpipe demonstration, and a comedy sketch. Then we were up with our VeggieTales. It came off beautifully, despite a couple forgotten lines, pots, and lyrics. I had to sing. Tongue

A few more talents were up next, including another instrument, a   dramatization of a bible story (in which I played the part of the Lyre), and some jokes. Then was the other skit. We had to do the whole thing in western accents. I played the part of Mrs. Bennet. I was told that I did it so well, I could have been Mrs. Bennet in a previous life. I'm still not sure if I should take that as a compliment. >_< 

Everyone did marvelously in it, however, and there were several quotable lines that have since been duly quoted, to the amusement of all participants. Laughing out loud

The talent show done with, we had a sort of free-time. Some went to the field to play frisbee. I didn't. I almost did, but wanted to play a certain game with someone, so didn't. We played a game called 42. It's basically the exact same game as Pitch, except with Dominoes. I very much enjoyed it, and was sure to make myself as much of a grump as possible, for Raquelle's sake. She kindly reciprocated by calling me a tick, and Binxus. ^_^

I did not win the game. Neither did I win the game of Mexican Train that followed. Oh well, we had fun anyway. Next up was a walk down to the lake. On the way, however, I got kidnapped by Gracie McMichael. I didn't end up going on the walk, but I had fun with the younger girls. Laughing out loud

Thus, the afternoon wore away until it was time for dinner. Ham steaks, mashed potatoes, carrots and salad made up our evening repast. Dinner over, we began on our dance preperations. An hour had been allotted. Turned out we needed that much time, simply because there were so many people getting ready, everyone needed to wait for things such as the mirror, the iron, and the hairdresser. ^_^ We finally finished, and trooped our way down to the dance hall for pictures. 

The dance was a rousing success. Raquelle and Heather (and Gabe!) did a fabulous job calling the dances. I know I certainly enjoyed myself very much. Laughing out loud We danced until the wee hours of the morning. I think it was nearing 1:30 when we finally turned off the music. 

Earlier that afternoon, in the van ride to the hike, Several of us had the grand idea to webcam with a certain good friend of ours who had been unable to make it to the Rendezvous. Several times over the course of the afternoon we had attempted to get it set up, but never managed to make contact with each other at the same time. Our schedules finally lined up during the dance, and we were able to get Mark on webcam for awhile. It was much fun. Laughing out loud

Once the dancing was over, several of us sat around on the dance floor and discussed such subjects as caterpillars, accents, and a couple other things that I was far to store in a place in my brain where it could be remembered for such a time as this blog. Finally, around 2:45, Hannah L. jumped up and declared that, whatever we planned on doing, she had to go to bed. This spurred us all on, and the whole group made it's way back to the cabin. 

That night was much quieter, although it was also much shorter. Morning came for me at 7:00, and after a shower, I headed over to the dining hall for breakfast. Cereal, fruit salad, and cinnamon rolls made up our breakfast this morning. Afterwards, we had to say goodbye to Hannah and her family. Not my favorite part. Sad

We had an informal church service, next. It was a great time of fellowship and sharing from God's Word. Definitely one of the many highlights. Laughing out loud Then a bunch of people went back to the cabin to pack... I sat and had a wonderful conversation with Nicole. It started with a reference to Calvinism, so we were pretty much left alone, with many protests from the others who simply didn't want a debate. We didn't debate, however, and I really enjoyed talking with her. Laughing out loud

People slowly began trickling back in, and autograph books were passed around in abundance. Then we all decided to head up to the campfire, where there were hot dogs for roasting for lunch. We had a grand time all gathered around the fire, laughing and joking and eating. I went and packed, and then hung around for nearly another hour, while we finished up last-minute things, tried to discover owners to various lost items, and said goodbye to other slowly-leaving people. 

Finally, we said our goodbyes and pulled out. Sad times. Sad Worst part of any get-together. 

We drove for around 3 hours and arrived in Erie, Pennsylvania. A quick stop at the McMichael's to drop off certain forgotten items, then on to the Hughes! 

We got there around 6:00 in the evening, and had dinner shortly thereafter. Burgers and fries were delicious, made more so by the wonderful company. :) 

Stayed up until midnight, in hopes that Kayla would get back before I went to bed. She didn't, but I had an awesome chat with Lisa and Katie. 

Slept very well, and woke up to my alarm at 7:00. Decided to just close my eyes for a second longer, and next thing i knew it was 7:40 and Lisa was coming in to wake me up. Tongue Once up, I ate some breakfast, visited with Kayla a bit, and got out the door by 8:30. Didn't get home until nearly 7 that night. Exhausted, weary, but very happy after a lovely, wonderful weekend. ^_^



It sounds like such a fun

It sounds like such a fun time...I wish I could have gone Laughing out loud I would have loved to see the skits at the Talent Show.


I loled at your shushing. Laughing out loud


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