Oregonian adventure.

Tue, 10/26/2010 - 05:10 — Carrie

Well, I went on another adventure. It was thrilling, and intriguing, and various other wonderful words. Perhaps I should not be yet writing up the narrative, since I'm still not quite home. I think I might be by the time I get around to finishing this blog, but who knows. Never the less, I shall try to make the following account as true and accurate as I can, to the best of my knowledge.

It began on Friday, October the 22nd. Around 6:20 pm, my flight took off from Boston. The flight was to take me into Seattle, Washington, and arrive at about 9:30, with a connecting flight to Portland leaving an hour and a half later, and arriving at 11:45 pm. Both flights went off without delay, and I arrived in Portland to find my dear friend, Charlyn, waiting for me. It was a lovely meeting. :) 

She introduced me to her boyfriend, Jonathan. A splendid person, who was also highly entertaining. I much enjoyed getting to know him a little bit. Shortly thereafter, we were on our way. 

McMinnville was an hour away, and first we had to stop by Jonathan's house to drop him off, and pick up Charlyn's car. By the time we actually arrived at Charlyn's house, it was going on 2:00, and bedtime was certainly not earlier than that. This of course was not particularly pleasant for either of us. Particularly since I was still used to Eastern time, where it was 5:00 in the morning. It was a very short night.

Morning came all too soon, and Charlyn was up and out the door for class. I tried to sleep in a little bit, but rather failed miserably. Ah well, I was determined to have fun that day, no matter what. I got up and made up my bed, got dressed, and found myself a book to read. At around 10:00, my friend Nicole showed up. I was very pleased to see her. As far as my friends go, she's a newer one, but a very good one already. Smile

We headed off to Lincoln City and the beach. It was a very pleasant drive, and full of catching up and fun conversation. We arrived sometime around noon, and made our way to Mo's restaurant, which was situated right on the beach. The wind was quite windy, as it's apt to be, and the air was rather chilly, too. It was lovely. I hadn't been to the Pacific Ocean in over a year. It's amazing how much different it is from the Atlantic, without really being that different. I love the Pacific.

But anyway, where was I? Ah yes... lunch. We sat down and ordered. Nicole had some sort of crab, I think, and I asked for the fish and chips. She wanted to know if I preferred Cod or Haddock. I asked which was less fishy. When she told me that would be the Haddock, I promptly ordered that, and she gave me a look that said, "and why again are you on the beach eating seafood?" ^_^

It was a delicious meal, and afterwards we went out to walk on the beach for awhile. The beach was cool. Full of fun driftwood. I took the only pictures from my trip, there. The waves were really fun, too. They would tease, and come only a bit up the beach, causing us to go nearer to watch them. Then suddenly, there would be a huge wave, and we'd have to skedaddle to get out of the way and not get washed to sea. My shoes got a bit wet at one point. 

After a time, the wind became a bit overwhelming, and our ears started to hurt, so we headed back to the car. It was about time to head back, anyway. The drive back was chock full of as much wonderful conversation as the trip down had been. ^_^

On our way back, we got a message from Patty telling us she planned on napping, so we decided to take a little jaunt over to Lafayette to visit a friend who worked in an antique store there. Unfortunately, we took a wrong road, ended up in Carlton, and when we finally did make it to Lafayette, we discovered that she had already finished work for the day. Ah well, it was a very cool antique store. Laughing out loud

Upon returning back to the house, we discovered Charlyn still sleeping, so we headed out to take a walk for a bit. It was chilly and windy, but not raining. Well, sometime after about 20 minutes at least of walking, it started to rain. Then it got a bit harder. By then we'd turned around and headed back, but it was farther than we'd thought, and by the time we finally did get home, we were quite very wet indeed. Tongue

Undeterred, we headed out to a small pizza place for dinner. It was delicious. 6:00 had by then rolled around and we made tracks back to the house to prepare for the ball. Froofy girly preparations ensued. We were ready in plenty of time (minus a last minute trip to Walmart for Charlyn. Nikki and I went on ahead) and off to the ball we went! It was still raining, but we had coats, hats and umbrellas, and were prepared. 

The first dance had already started when we got there, but it was soon over, and our dancing began. I have decided I don't care for dances where I am rather an outsider. Very few guys will dance with a girl they don't know, when there are many girls they do know, there. But thankfully I did know a few guys, and they did dance with me. I was happy. 

Near about 10:00, Charlyn decided to head home. I was given the option of going home with her, or she suggested we try to find someone else to give me a ride home. I was too exhausted to think, so I just said I'd go home then. I regretted it later. All that means is I shall have to attend another ball sometime and try again. Smile

The sleep was no doubt good for me, though, and Sunday morning found me sleeping in until nearly 8:00. I got up and read for a bit while waiting for Patty, and then around 10:15 we headed to church. 

After church, we went back to Charlyn's house where we tried to decide where to go. I of course, being my usual decisive self, was full of brilliant suggestions. Tongue

We ended up going to Alf's. They have really good banana shakes. Laughing out loud

After lunch, we still had to decide how to spend our afternoon. After some thought and deliberation, the air museum was chosen. We contacted a Charlyn's sister, and Brian Plett, who were happily able to show up with a few others. Especially happy since they had membership cards which got everyone in for free. ^_^

I, of course, completely forgot my camera. It was a fabulous museum, though. Way cool stuff there. Really neat display of various size engines, too. And the Spruce Goose was neat. I liked the bomber that had been used by the CIA the best, though. 

Charlyn had Awana at 5:30 and, much as I love kids, I decided I didn't really want to spend my evening getting in the way of all the people and kids I didn't know, who knew what they were doing. I borrowed Patty's car, and decided to have my own adventure. 

First stop for me was Dutch Bros. I had tasted their coffee when I was in Oregon last year and loved it. Had to get it again. I got a lovely Iced White Mocha. I took two sips and then, as I was turning into the gas station to fill up, promptly spilled the entire thing on the floor of the car. 45 minutes, a trip to the store, and half a roll of paper towels later, and the car was back to it's former condition. Mostly. I think. 

This left me with very little time to do anything, so I decided to just drive and pray for a bit. I ended up getting all the way to Newberg before I turned around. By then the rain was so heavy I feared a bit for my safety. Thankfully I got back to the church in one piece. Myself and the car. Charlyn was waiting, and we headed home to unwind before bed. Which was rather early. 

Monday. Last day. Charlyn got up and out of the house by 6. I slept until 8:30. She was at work, and the plan was for me to meet her there. After getting ready, I headed out the door to walk the mile to where she works in the rain. I actually enjoyed it very much. I was late, however, so she ended up picking me up on her way back, since she left work before I got there. We stayed at her house just long enough for me to pack my things and get out the door. I threw my stuff in her trunk and we were off! Almost... I had forgotten something. So I raced back to the house, dug frantically for the buried spare key, and finally found it and let myself in. 

Once more we were on the road, this time with Jonathan's work in view, so we could switch cars. Patty's car had a faulty windshield wiper, and we were worried it would suddenly stop working on the way to Portland. We switched cars, and then were finally on our way to Portland! 

We stopped for lunch at Sheri's in Sherwood, then at Dutch Bros. in Tigard. Since I had failed to enjoy my Dutch Bros. the night before, a repeat visit was necessary. Coffee in hand, we got to Portland, stopped at an ATM, and then found Powell's Bookstore. 

We knew that Powell's had their own parking, but weren't sure which side of the store it was on. Since Powell's takes up a whole block, we drove around a bit before finding it. It was full. On we went to try to find cheap parking elsewhere. We found some a couple blocks away with a nice Russian attendant guy who called us "m'dear". Thankfully, it wasn't raining as we made our way to the bookstore. 

Oh lovely bookstore! Laughing out loud

I got myself too many books. Charlyn had to leave at about 3, so she checked out and I put my stack on hold at the front desk. Walking back to the car was sad. And rather wet. We got there, got out my luggage and said our goodbyes. Sad

I got rather wet on the way back to Powell's with my luggage in tow. My pillow was wrapped up in my sweatshirt to keep it from getting wet. I found two pennies on the ground. One heads, and one tails. Both went into my pocket. Smile

I got to Powell's and sat there for a bit waiting for a few other friends of mine to show up. They had told me they'd be there around 3:30. In the meantime, I wrote a letter. Heather and Holly arrived right on the dot, and, after checking my luggage at Powell's bag check, we browsed around some more. Katie showed up somewhere in there. It was lovely to see all three girls again. It had been very much too long since I'd seen them. I also found more wonderful books. And got stuck in the Dr Seuss section. Dangerous. O_o

Finally, we checked out. I had to leave out several of the books I rather wanted to buy, since my budget would not allow it. Sad times.

I retrieved my heavy bags, managed to squeeze in my books, and then tried to figure out where to go. We all hemmed and hawed for a bit, then Katie got a brilliant idea. 

"I know what we need!" She proclaimed.

We all asked excitedly what we needed.

She paused for dramatic effect. Then...


Of course, we all agreed. Cupcakes were exactly what we needed. And the cute little cupcake store around the corner fit the bill exactly. I got a lovely red velvet one. Katie got a pumpkin one, Holly's was... um... Peanut Butter, I think. Or perhaps that was Heather that got it. Well, whichever one of them that didn't get the peanut butter one, got the apple and pear one. They all looked delicious. Laughing out loud

Unfortunately, they were gone all too soon. After much laughing and picture taking and checking each other to be sure our faces were not besmeared with cupcakeness, we headed up the street to the MAX.

In due time, we reached it. I found another penny on the way. We said farewell to Katie Sad then Heather and Holly and I boarded the MAX for the airport. For those of my readers not in the know, the MAX is Portlands public transportation system. It's like a train of sorts. Or a cable car. Or something. It was fun.

We talked much on the way to the airport, and arrived in high good humor. I checked in. Or tried to. Unfortunately my first flight had been delayed such that I would miss my connection. This was very bad. I had already resigned myself to not getting home until 6:30 am, but now I would spend the night in the airport, too? Thankfully, and very pleasant airline lady was able to rebook me on an earlier flight to Seattle, and after sadly bidding the Welch girls adieu at security, I went to my gate.

The flights were non-eventful. There was a screaming baby on the first flight. I felt so bad for him. It was only a 45 minute flight, though, so not too bad. On my six hour flight, it was not full, and I got a whole row to myself. I had to unpack all the books from my pillow case, and stack them on the floor, but once done, I got a wonderful 3 1/2 hour sleep. Laughing out loud

Boston was finally reached around 6:30 EST, this (Tuesday) morning. Daniel picked me up and we headed merrily on our way. Until we somehow missed the exit for the MassPike and ended up wandering downtown Boston for an hour. Thankfully, we managed to find our way out, with some help from a navigational expert on the other end of the phone line, and I got home just in time to shower, change, and head out the door for work. 


I miss Oregon and my friends there. I'm very glad to be home. Smile

Charlyn's poor car...

You traded her car out for a nervous twitch caused by your coffee spillage? For shame. Tongue


I feel out of breath after reading all that. Tongue

I didn't know Charlyn works in the rain...


Bad sentence structure, that is. Tongue I walked in the rain to where she worked. Laughing out loud

Yeah, it was fun having you

Yeah, it was fun having you in the area again! I should have thought to introduce you to other guys at the ball, but oh well. Powell's is great. Cool

Another one of your great

Another one of your great adventures! Laughing out loud Fun times...I miss Patty!


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