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Sat, 12/04/2010 - 10:52 — Carrie

I should blog again.

I have not much to blog about, though.

I must agree with part of a friends recent blog post, wherein she stated that, "I have plenty of lovely people to talk to, so there's really no point blogging about stuff already discussed."

I finished NaNoWriMo. I won it. It makes me feel highly accomplished, and so glad I actually wrote a book. Now I get to finish it, and edit it.

I took on for myself several quilts for Christmas presents this year. I have no idea if I will finish them in time, but I have high hopes. The eternally optimistic side of me won't let me believe in failure. Tongue

I have many things before me that need to be done and I refuse to face. Mostly things I need to talk to people about. I hate confrontation, as any of you who make up the readership of this blog already know. The main thing is theology. Last time I confronted it, it didn't go well, and I'm petrified to try again. *sigh*

I did get out one thing, and it went way better than I expected. So now I'm excited about it. What is that, you may ask? Well, it's highly probable I will be moving out of my lovely, cozy, finally-exactly-how-I-want-it corner bedroom. This makes me sad. I love my house and my bedroom. But... I am excited about the prospect of moving into an apartment with one of my very best friends, Jennie. And my bedroom at home will be made into a craft room, and i just love the thought of spending time up there sewing and scrap-booking and various other crafty type things. ^_^

I have awesome friends. I really do. I can't begin to describe how much I love my friends. The ones who do not live close I miss. Achingly, sometimes, do I miss them. Is it any wonder I spend much of my hard earned money on traveling to see them? Tongue

Also, I have a great job. Really I do. And this after a rather terrible day at work yesterday. I have so much to be thankful for. My kids are amazing, and even on the worst days, one smile from my baby girl can make it all right. 

I have decisions about the future to make. I hate doing that. I feel like I'm back to being a highschool student. 

It's refreshing to look upon my life and realize that I do know who I am. I haven't always. I used to struggle with that a lot. In fact, it's probably only been in the last couple years that I've finally come to realize who I am. Not who I grew up as, not who my parents are, but who I am. What I like and don't like. What I believe and don't believe. God is so very good to me, and even when I struggle with insecurities, I know He is there for me. 

I am very blessed. Smile

Hmmm.... this update was longer than I thought. I guess I did have something to say. Tongue


:feels honored for honorable

:feels honored for honorable mentioning inside of blog:

Hi :)

Enjoyed reading this, Carrie Smile

Our lives are (or is it is? *shrug* Tongue ) truly a journey Smile

Okay, I found your current

Okay, I found your current blog post anyway.

Carrie's blog need a "like"

Carrie's blog need a "like" feature for comments. Tongue ^_^

Oh Care bear... :hugs: You

Oh Care bear... :hugs: You should come see me. Then you won't have to miss me for...a few days. Wink

I hope you get to move into the apartment with Jennie. That would be so cool for you and I bet you would love it! Laughing out loud


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