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No, I'm not abandoning my blog. Tongue

I hate goodbyes. I hate having to say them. I hate the emotions that go with them. I hate seeing someone else say goodbye and knowing that you're the next one to have to say it. Sometimes, I even hate the hello for the menacing undertone of the impending goodbye. 

I heard a quote once: "How blessed I am to have known some who are so hard to say goodbye to." It's a decent quote, and certainly, I am very thankful for the amazing friends I have... but why must I say goodbye to them so often? 

Even the last moments together, when things are still happy and cheerful, before the goodbye, can hurt. You sit there, laughing, smiling, joking, yet knowing that as soon as it's over, you have to once more say goodbye. When will you see them again? Maybe there's a plan, but it inevitably feels so far away. Maybe there's no plan. That's even harder. How can I count the days until I see you again if I don't know how many there will be? Go ahead and just rip my heart out while you're at it. Tongue

I sum up with this. Friends of the heart are amazing. God has given us these friends with whom we can share our deepest thoughts and feelings. He has, in His great love for us, given us, not only the need for human companionship, but the fulfillment of it in friendship. 

When our earthly friends are missed, that is when it's time to look to God. Our friend who will never leave us nor forsake us. Oh what a blessing to have one who we can at any time run to. Indeed, He is the one we should first run to. All our thoughts and feelings should first be poured out to Him. Even the best of best friends can not compare with our Awesome Saviour. So turn to God, you who miss your friends. Turn to Him, you who would otherwise run to a friend to seek advice. Seek your advice first from your Father. Run to the arms of your Friend.


I like the quote. Feeling

I like the quote. Feeling kinda goodbye-ish myself. Goodbye to 2010. Goodbye to family that visited over Christmas. Goodbye to Christmas vacation from work.

I think there are friends, though, that you never really lose, maybe. I mean, they can go away and you can lose touch, but they're still your friend.


Maybe those are the kind that are hardest to say goodbye to, and that make you glad to know someone like that.



Friends are good to have. Why do people count down the days until they meet again, though?


Somehow, it makes it easier to wait when you keep track and can see the days go by. Smile

Dad always made us take a nap

Dad always made us take a nap when we were antsy for something to happen. Somewhere along the line I translated it into diverting my attention to other things, and now everything comes along too fast. Maybe I need to use your tactics to slow things down? Tongue


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