Life is hard

Wed, 03/02/2011 - 21:38 — Carrie

Life is hard

I won't deny

Pain is real

It's fine to cry

joy will come

and good times, to

though you might wait

a year or two.

With Christ in us

it seems it should

be easy to 

be always good

and easy, too

to always joy

when things go wrong

or life's destroyed.

And yet we find

as time goes on

that joy's elusive,

often gone.

There's so much pain,

there's so much bad,

people die

and we get mad.

Friends are lost,

or houses burn.

People leave,

and don't return.

Tears are shed

our heart's will ache

and happiness

will us, forsake.

But then, take heart

it's not all bad

for even then,

hope's to be had.

For when our hearts

are crying out

and when our souls 

are in a drought

then Christ will come,

he'll comfort us.

He hears our prayers, 

he's there for us.

We may not feel

all full of joy

but rest assured,

it is no ploy.

He holds our hands

He helps us through,

Until one day,

I hope it's soon,

We'll crack a smile,

once again,

We'll feel some joy

and that is when

we realize

the ups and downs

of life are filled

with smiles and frowns

and it's ok

to cry and hurt

be comforted,

He won't desert.





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