Celebrating Christ's Death...?

Fri, 04/22/2011 - 11:35 — Carrie



Celebrating Christ's death. Is this something that we, as Christians, ought to do? We do call it Good Friday, after all. It's the day we traditionally remember that Christ died, and we have a special holiday then. Why? Why do we commemorate Christ's death? And ought it to be a celebration? 

Before I get into that, let me address a couple other things. First of all, why did Christ come to earth? Many would say he came to die; however, as another friend of mine is fond of saying, if he truly came to die, why were Herod's attempts on his life unsuccessful? Well, obviously, he came to do a bit more than die. 

A certain Christian Worship song has in part of it's refrain the words, "He lived to die..." and I think that therein lies the key. He didn't come just to die, but he did live to die. He came to earth to live, to show us how to live, then he died and rose again so that we *could* live like that. 

So any one of those things is only a part of the story. Without his life,  his death wouldn't have been as meaningful, and without his death, there would have been no payment for sins, and without the resurrection, there would have been no point in his death *or* life. 

Back to the original question... should we be 'celebrating' Christ's death?

My answer is this: Yes. And no. And... well... it depends how you define 'celebrate'. I happen to think celebrate is a very bad word for it. No, we're not glad that he had to die. We're not glad that he had to suffer. We're not glad that he went through such torment, and then died. Yet, we're glad that he did it anyway. I think, like Jesus, we probably would say "Lord, if it were possible, let this cup pass from him." 

The only reason we can have any joy in the fact that he died is this. He didn't stay dead. If, instead of rising from the dead, he had just stayed dead, there would be absolutely no reason whatsoever for a celebration. The day he died would have been nothing. Just an obituary of another guy who claimed to be someone great.

Yet he didn't stay dead! 

Oops, I'm getting ahead of myself... it's not Easter yet. Oups

Anyway, so I guess what I'm saying is, we don't celebrate his death as just that; his death. We remember it because of all that it represents. All that it stands for. And all that it means for us, today. Not because he died, but because he also rose. 

To end, I'll paraphrase a BC comic strip. " 'Good Friday?! If *my* God was killed on a Friday, I certainly wouldn't call it good!' 'That is because your God would have *stayed* dead' "



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