Sat, 04/23/2011 - 08:26 — Carrie

Now is the time of waiting. It's the period between the death and the resurrection. The stillness in the air is electrifying. You can almost feel the tension as the disciples wait in the upper room. Scared. Sad. Disillusioned. Freaked out. 

Their leader has just been killed. They never thought it was possible! What happened to his grand promises of redemption? What happened to his teachings on everlasting life? Sure, he said something about rising in three days, but seriously? He's dead. How could that happen? 

Did they have faith that it would? Maybe. Maybe they were wondering, trying hard not to doubt. Maybe they were thinking. Hoping. Praying. Dear God, please let it not be true. Our master, the one we were sure would save the world, is gone. Killed by a ruthless mob and a heartless group of religious leaders. 

They must have known he promised to rise after three days. After all, even the high priest knew this, for he sent guards to stand in front of the tomb and be sure the disciples wouldn't steal the body and pretend he was alive. So the disciples knew what he had promised. They knew he said he would rise again. Yet when it happened, they were in disbelief. 

So despite the knowledge of what he said, they still were in doubt. Well wouldn't you be? Sure, he'd raised others from the dead, but what can he do when he's dead himself? How could he possibly defeat that? Plus, they had just witnessed the resurrection. I can't imagine the terror and horror that was going through their minds as they watched the man they loved, the man they looked up to, the man they knew to be sent from God, brutally murdered, and not doing a thing about it! Was this the end?

In some ways, it reminds me of when Peter was in prison, and the Christians in the city gathered to pray for his release. They had faith! Yet when Peter showed up at the door, they didn't believe it was really him. Despite their prayers, they couldn't believe that it would actually happen in such an amazing way as Peter just walking out of the prison.

In the same way,  the disciples are huddled in the upper room, hoping against hope for something miraculous to happen, yet not daring to believe that anything quite so amazing would.

And so they wait. Wait for the sabbath to end. Waiting to go visit his body and prepare it with spices. Wait for God to come through. Waiting for a miracle. Waiting for day to dawn.



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