Fri, 12/07/2012 - 14:42 — Carrie

Sometimes life is everything we wanted

Sometimes it's not

Sometimes plans go the way we expected

Sometimes they don't

Sometimes people will act the way you think they will

Sometimes they won't

Sometimes you can plan your life and it all goes according to plan

Sometimes it doesn't

But what does it really matter? Is life all about fulfilling our plans? Is life all about getting where we think we're going? Or is life more about what we learn than where we go? Maybe it's clche, but God uses the situations we're in to teach us and grow us. And sometimes the destination isn't even close to where we thought it would be.

But I think that's ok. There's always a different destination. Sometimes life changes in a way we hate. Sometimes we're excited for where life's going and then it doesn't go there. And that sucks.

But life's about the journey. Or something. It can't really be summed up in a neat little quote. There's lots of things that could apply. But ultimately, life is just this: it's living.

And sometimes, that has to be good enough.

Funny. Ben just posted the

Funny. Ben just posted the same thing. Did you see it?:

Oh Ha

How apropos Tongue


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