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A few weeks ago I began a new bible study with a group of women nearby. We've been using a particular book to go along with it, and something written in the book recently stood out to me. It was talking about trusting God, through good times and bad times, and said "when you trust God, He will bless you for it". 

This got me thinking about God's blessing in our lives. It's true, God does bless us when we trust HIm. But sometimes, God blesses us when we haven't been trusting Him. 

This time last year I was in a very different place in my life. I was lost, confused, didn't know where I was, or who God was, or how on earth I could trust Him. I struggled to feel like He was still good. I struggled to feel like He was really at work in my life.  And I wasn't trusting Him. I knew I should have been, but I had failed so badly that a part of me felt there was no way to recover. No way to get back to where I had been. 

And now I'm in such a different place, and looking back on this past year I see one very clear theme: God's blessing. He's heaped such amazing blessings on me I can't even begin to describe. I can so clearly see how He's been working through so many little things; things that, a year ago, I thought were horrible, yet now I see them as His leading and teaching. 

I didn't trust God. I wasn't following Him as I ought to have been. Yet somehow, someway, He blessed me anyway. He gave me all these things, and brought me to this place in my life, even though I wasn't at peace, and wasn't trusting. Why?

Because He loves me. This one thing has been pounding in my head for several months now. God's great, amazing love for His children. Not because I'm good, because I'm not. Not because I trust Him, because I don't. Not because of some great thing I've done for others, because I haven't done that much. Simply because He looks on me and loves me. I am His child. He loves to give me good things; He loves to surprise me with blessings for no reason other than that He likes to do it.

I'm continually blown away by the things He has done for me. I wake up some days and think "wow, this is my life?!" and can't help but smile. He didn't have to. He would still have been an amazing God if He hadn't done any of this. He would still be faithful, still be true, still be holy and righteous and perfect. Yet He did do it. 

Because He loves me.  <3


I really like this post, Carrie. Smile It's wonderful how you're seeing the effects of God's hand in your life now. It's such a great place to be in life. <3


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