Fri, 10/18/2013 - 12:15 — Carrie


Orange, Red, Green and Gold.

Swirl, swing, fly, flee. 


Air smells crisp, apples are crisper

Wind blows my hair, whips in my eyes.

Sunshine dapples through the trees,


Blues of sky and whites of clouds

Mix with colors, mix with smells

Mix with emotion and air and sound


Air fills my lungs

I breathe deep.

New England is my home


Memories of Autumns come back to me

Running through leaves

Flopping in piles


Raking, blowing, cleaning yard

Climbing trees, seeing colors close

Laughter and joy, sadness and tears


Adventure around the next corner

Head through that gate.

Leave the past behind


Walk into the sunshine

Walk through the wind

Life moves on through paths of yellowed leaves

I like this a lot! Very

I like this a lot! Very visual. Smile


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